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CAMO chaos or simplification ?

Anyone dealing with the new Continuing Airworthiness regulations without any legal expertise will first have to demonstrate staying power. This is because the new version of CAMO and CAO comes across as somewhat unwieldy.

It took a while, but now general aviation and sport aviation have slowly become accustomed to the European continuing airworthiness system, ,,Continuing Airworthiness”: i.e., the divergence of ,,Continuing Airworthiness Oversight” by a CAMO, which is supposed to ensure seamless technical documentation and monitoring of deadlines, and maintenance by a Part-145 or M/F operation….

Frank Dörner has summarized the challenges of the new regulations for you in the Aerokurier:

Aerocourier 01/2021 SPECIAL

The Luftsport-Verband Bayern e.V. also reported on this in its 01/2021 issue:

LiB CAMO Chaos