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Leisure & air sports // Support for training companies // Purchase and sale of private aircraft
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Advice for training companies

We also scrutinize smaller sports aviation training companies and ensure that the training courses run smoothly and in accordance with the rules.

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Purchase and sale of private aircraft

We are also at your side with compact help and purchase contracts for private sport aviation. Standard contracts can be found quickly on the internet. In aviation, however, it is not only the costs and value of the aircraft that should be considered and an appropriate contract, but rather you should consider professional advice due to the threatening consequences in the event of a defective contract or even aircraft equipment.

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Freelance aviation expert

As a certified aviation expert from the Association of Aviation Experts, Frank Dörner covers everything
technical spectrum of aviation. The focus as a freelance expert is on:

  • Damage reports for general aviation aircraft, air sports equipment and gliders
  • Valuation reports on general aviation aircraft, air sports equipment and gliders
  • Suitability reports for landing and gliding airfields

Arbitrator and companion at Aviation Arbitration

Preparation of arbitration reports for dispute resolution, disputes between companies, owner communities or damage assessment

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Publicly appointed aviation expert (IHK)

In order to receive the seal of quality of the public order, experts are subjected to a complex test procedure.
The Chamber of Industry and Commerce Munich and Upper Bavaria oversees our work with regard to

  • all topics related to damage reports and the evaluation of aircraft up to 2.73 t air sports equipment
  • motor gliders and gliders
  • Assessment of the suitability of landing and gliding airfields