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QUALITY, COMPLIANCE, & SAFETY MANAGEMENT Individual company requirements // law. Regulations // Official requirements
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Implementation of and compliance with legal rules and official requirements in the aviation sector

In order to ensure constant improvement in flight safety for everyone, the legislation expects all aviation stakeholders to comply with procedures and standards on their own responsibility. Since quality management standards such as DIN EN 9100 leave a lot of room for interpretation, it is not only important to know the right processes, but also to use them efficiently. We help you to implement individual operational requirements within the framework of legal regulations and official requirements in aviation. By setting up your compliance and safety management system, we ensure that you run your business in accordance with the rules through your operational structures, processes and measures and that you work productively and with high quality. We support you in meeting the requirements set by the authorities and in closing personnel bottlenecks.

The changes to VO (EU) 1321/2014 through VO (EU) 2019/1383 and VO (EU) 2020/270 mean major restructuring for many maintenance companies in particular, where professional support reduces risks and has time-saving effects.

Due to the European harmonization in the military area and the implementation of the EMAR, we have also taken on this topic and can support both the Bundeswehr and other affected parties in implementing the DEMAR strategically successfully and quickly.

In order to be prepared for the future of new technologies, it is important to us that you, too, constantly develop and improve. Only then can there be talk of functioning quality management.
So that responsibility does not turn into liability, we check which regulations apply for you and implement them together with you.