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development, manufacture and maintenance

The aviation industry, ie the development, manufacture and maintenance of aviation equipment, components and equipment parts, is riddled with a complex and – for outsiders – difficult to understand rule structure in all sizes. International, European, national and operational requirements should ensure flight safety as best as possible.

Understanding these relationships is essential for high-quality legal support. Lawyers are a dime a dozen. And there are also a wide variety of consultants in aviation.

military aviation

Military aviation is also facing major changes due to harmonization. Adaptation to European structures requires compliant measures that were largely unknown until now. Implementation from scratch with competent support not only saves time, but also protects against misinterpretation of the new laws.

adaption to
European specifications


The European harmonized EMAR European Military Airworthiness Requirements were transposed into national law by the LufABw.
Be it DEMAR 21, Part M, Part 145, Part 147 or Part 66, we not only know the innovations for maintenance companies, but also regularly deal with approvals, airworthiness and licenses in military aviation.

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