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aviation accidents

Flying or aviation is a very safe means of locomotion or leisure activities. Unfortunately, incidents and accidents are inevitable.

No matter how prudent, compliant with the rules and supposedly ideally insured, damage in aviation often leads to disputes with authorities, insurance companies, and the people or companies involved.

We can act for you competently with legal and technical knowledge.

Representation to the following authorities

Federal Aviation Authority (LBA) and the Federal Ministry
for transport (BMVI)
state aviation authorities
Air traffic control companies and their supervisory authorities (DFS GmbH, BAF)
military authorities (LufABw, BAAINBw, EVA ) and in the case of aircraft accident investigations towards the respective investigative body
(BfU, NTSB, etc.)

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Aviation License Revocation

Problems with the background check? Is the license about to be revoked? Disputes with different authorities in different countries? These and other issues are part of our everyday life and we will solve them quickly.

insurance matters

In Germany we are world champions when it comes to taking out insurance. However, insurance companies often stand in the way of the payment of insurance sums. This is often the case in aviation in particular, since the laws allow a lot of room for interpretation. We are familiar with the most common insurance conditions and not only help with the conclusion of a new insurance contract, such as liability or comprehensive insurance, but also stand up for your rights against the insurance companies.

criminal proceedings and administrative offences

Flight into the ED-R, general airspace violations or unapproved external cargo: Such issues are stressful, but can be easily solved with professional help.

In the event of accidents and damage with more serious consequences, we are of course not only at your side legally, but also personally. Through our many years of experience in the courts, we know what our clients go through and always try to find the best way for you. We take over all communication with the authorities, have contacts with appraisers, negotiate with the insurance companies and support you in the negotiations.