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Frank Dörner, attorney-at-law and independent aviation expert

The law firm with headquarters in Munich was established by Frank Dörner. Thanks to his many years of experience in aviation law and as an independent aviation expert as well as his passion for flying, Frank Dörner has been successful in positioning himself as an aviation law specialist. With regular publications in specialist journals, many years of work in various aviation associations and teaching activities, he has made a name for himself as an expert in the aviation sector.

Our clients now include airlines, operators, flying schools, manufacturers and maintenance contractors, as well as various associations.

Our main focus is on your individual needs and how they can be taken into consideration in the context of aviation regulations. We see every enquiry from our clients as a new and exciting challenge. Our clients appreciate the pragmatic, professional and focused approach of

Take advantage of our specialized law firm. We are committed, fast, personal and professional.

Areas of activity

Aviation law

We provide competent advice and representation in matters connected with commercial and corporate aviation as well as air sports. Our specialization in aviation law covers all topics connected with the development, manufacture and operation of aircraft, pilot training, the purchase of and damage to aircraft, and air accidents.

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Independent aviation expert

We provide competent, independent expert’s opinions and arbitration opinions including aircraft valuations and damage assessments. In this field, our services also include comprehensive advice to our clients in arbitration proceedings. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to provide support in all matters connected with the fitness for purpose of aerodromes and gliding sites.

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Advanced training, seminars and specialist presentations

We would be pleased to provide our knowledge and expertise to your company. We offer training in all areas of aviation law including the legal principles of civil aviation and legal questions connected with flying operations including liability, safety, security and insurance for crew members and technical aviation personnel.

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Consultancy services for aviation companies

We offer advice on all topics connected with aviation law compliance, registration, disputes with authorities, administrative and safety law, operational organization, liability issues and matters connected with criminal law.

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What our clients appreciate about

  • High level of expertise
  • Many years of experience
  • Competent representation
  • Rapid resolution of conflicts
  • Our passion for flying

About | aviation law firm

Flying has become so safe because everyone concerned passes on the knowledge gained with considerable care and respect for the task in hand and continuously learns from errors made in the past.

During our work in the field of aviation law, we are often confronted by mistakes that have been made. We try to resolve the issues arising as a result of these mistakes effectively and pragmatically for clients or to act successfully on their behalf in court.

We are pleased to provide advice or to represent clients in all matters connected with aviation and to make our know-how available in order to prevent mistakes.

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