Aviation training and seminars

In many cases, aviation training is required by law. For specialists and managers employed by aviation companies and airports, initial and further training is important as it allows them to keep abreast of the current status of aviation regulations. Air-law.de offers a variety of seminars, training and courses on a number of aviation topics. This training can either be provided directly at your facilities or booked via AeroAcademy Dresden.

Frank Dörner is a well-known and recognized speaker and trainer in the aviation sector. He speaks at well-known events such as Aero Friedrichshafen or the EUROPEAN AVIATION AND FLIGHTSCHOOL CONGRESS Speyer. In addition, he teaches aviation at Augsburg Vocational College (for aircraft mechanics) and takes part in the initial and advanced training of flying instructors for flying schools which are members of Luftsport-Verband Bayern LVB e.V., Baden-Württembergischer Luftfahrtverband BWLV e.V. and Deutscher Hubschrauber Verband DHV e.V.

Our aviation law seminar topics:

Basic principles of aviation law

  • International, European and German aviation law
  • International, European and German aviation authorities
  • Supplementary penal provisions connected with aviation law

Aviation companies

  • Development, production and maintenance of airworthiness: Part 21, Part M, Part 145, Part 147, Part 66
  • Authorization of development companies, manufacturers and maintenance companies
  • Preparation of manuals

General aviation operations

  • Aircraft equipment and operation (ICAO Annex 6, EASA Part OPS)
  • Airspace and rules of the air (ICAO Annex 2, EASA Part SERA)

Training and licensing

  • of aviation personnel (ICAO Annex 1, EASA Part FCL, Part AR, Part OR)
  • of flying schools (EASA Part ORA)

Incidents and accidents

  • Air accident investigations and reports (ICAO Annex 13, FlUUG)
  • Liability and insurance
  • Links to criminal proceedings
  • Legal questions related to safety (licenses, approvals)
  • Effects on aircraft development and production

Liability and insurance topics

  • Liability systems
  • Liability in connection with aircraft operation
  • Liability in connection with the carriage of persons or freight
  • Corporate liability
  • Liability of shareholders in the case of companies
  • Product liability

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